Saturday, June 03, 2006

Unaware - The Popes Of Pogles Wood

Quick Introduction Of The Band!

-Jack Sankey: Lead Vocals [and all round Funnyman]

-Mark Leeming: Guitar, Vocals [The Man With The [ex]Hair]

-Niall Maloney: Guitar [Currently Assembling His Own Guitar]

-Tom Wilding: Bassist [not Racist]

-James Halsall: Drummer [.......He can drum!]

We are The Popes of Pogles Wood!

We're a group of Sixth Formers from N.Yorkshire; we picked up some instruments and started playing....and that was the story of The Popes...true story...

Our creatice flair has kicked in and our writing songs whenever we can...

We have played 2 gigs(ish) and a Jam on to the people of Bentham..

Have A Look At Our Myspace If You Like Just Click Here
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